Printable Activities

Look through our collection of self guided and printable activities. Here you can find scavenger hunts, birding activities, and self guided interpretive information.

Kids at Nature Discovery class.

Look up, look down, look all around!

35 things to look for during your walk in the Park. View or download here.

Visitors on Nature Walk.

Self guided interpretive hike

The Aldo Leopold Trail features interpretive signage to honor Leopold’s vision of an ethical relationship with the land. View or download here.

Bird in a window.

Birdwatching for kids

An introduction to birding for kids. View or download here.

Yellow flowers.

Bosque Loop scavenger hunt

Take a walk on the Bosque Loop trail and look at the signs along the way. View or download here.

Entrance to Mariposaville garden.

Explore the park grounds

This brochure points out a few of the special features of the park. As you walk around the park, slow down, look, listen, and let yourself feel what it means to be connected with Nature. View or download here.

Painted Turtle.

Bosque loop trail quest

As you walk along the Bosque Loop Trail, take a look at the interpretive signs. Notice the art and fascinating facts. Can you find the answers to the questions provided? View or download here.

Wetland pond.

Silvery minnow channel fact sheet

The Rio Grande Nature Center Habitat Restoration Project was constructed to benefit the Rio Grande silvery minnow and southwestern willow flycatcher in the Albuquerque Reach. View or download here.

Bird on cactus.

Birding checklist 

This is the same birding checklist we have available for 25 cents at the nature center. For best results: print “Flip on short edge” View or download here.

During your walk in the park

 View or download here.

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